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embrace at Karibu Camps & Lodges


Enjoy a sanctuary of warmth
through exceptional hospitality.


Savour the finest flavours
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Swahili for “Welcome”

Embrace the harmonious blend of luxury and wilderness at Karibu Camps & Lodges. Nestled in Tanzania’s Serengeti plains at Ngorongoro Crater, our four permanent tented properties offer unrivaled hospitality amidst unique natural wonders. Encounter exotic wildlife roaming the endless savannahs, dense forests, cascading rivers, and rolling landscapes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Maasai culture and embark on an unforgettable African adventure.

Karibu camps locations

Ngorongoro Lion's Paw

Nestled on the eastern rim of the iconic Ngorongoro Crater, Lion’s Paw Camp is where luxury gently intertwines with the raw allure of pristine nature. Every dawn here unveils the heart of the wild, as the early morning mist gracefully unveils the bustling life below on the crater floor. A mere ten-minute descent transports you from the tranquil embrace of our enclave to the vibrant pulse of the ancient crater. With each suite crafted as a window to nature’s ever-changing canvas, we offer an abode of quiet elegance amidst the wild. As dusk descends, the lounge morphs into a tranquil haven, while the bar and dining area come alive with soft laughter, clinking glasses and a journey through Tanzanian flavors.


Immerse in the serene yet thrilling essence of Tanzania at Lion’s Paw Camp, your haven of luxury amidst nature’s grand narrative, where every moment is a passage into the heart of the wild.

Lion's paw location
Serengeti woodlands camp location

Serengeti Woodlands Camp

Amidst the enchanting acacia silhouettes of Naabi Hill lies the heart of Woodlands Camp, where luxury gracefully dances with the wild in the pristine cradle of Southern Serengeti. As the dawn unveils the majestic canvas, the gentle whispers of the wilderness beckon, promising a day of enthralling adventures and untamed beauty. Here, each tent is a realm of elegance, woven with the spirit of the Serengeti, offering a sanctuary where every comfort is thoughtfully curated. The essence of the wild runs deep, as the breathtaking spectacle of the wildebeest calving season unfolds before your eyes, wrapping Woodlands Camp in a cloak of life’s most primal, raw narratives. The horizon stretches endlessly, cradling the camp in a panorama of serenity and boundless wonder, each sunset a poetic ode to the wilderness.

Woodlands Camp

Indulge in the authentic safari essence of Woodlands Camp, where the wild’s narratives are the backdrop to luxury, comfort, and the profound simplicity of being amidst nature’s grand theater.

Serengeti Sametu Camp

Amidst the renowned landscapes of the Central Serengeti, by the tranquil Ngarenanyuki River, lies the exquisite Serengeti Sametu Camp. Nestled in nature’s serene embrace, this secluded sanctuary epitomizes a blend of tranquility and wildlife splendor. Here, luxury and wilderness dance in harmonious rhythm, offering a retreat where each moment is a narrative embroidered with awe-inspiring vistas. As dawn ushers, the sun casts golden hues on the vast plains, unveiling a spectacle of life in the wild. The pristine serenity, heart-stirring panoramas, and the palpable echo of the wild, allure souls to the intimate haven where every gaze meets the boundless beauty of Serengeti.

Sametu Camp

Steeped in nature’s luxury, Sametu Camp invokes a sense of timeless elegance amidst the wild, crafting experiences draped in authenticity and comfort, under the watchful eyes of a billion stars.

Sametu camp location
River camp location

Serengeti Mara River Camp

Immerse yourself in the untouched heart of the Serengeti at Mara River Camp, nestled near the banks of the iconic Mara River. As the realm of the wild unfolds right before your eyes, embrace the greatest show on Earth. Here, the murmur of the river mingles with roars of the wild, crafting a melody of an ancient land that pulsates with life and adventure. Experience luxury intertwined with authenticity in our meticulously designed suites, as each dawn brings forth the drama of the Great Migration. Be part of a narrative that’s as old as time, yet as thrilling as the Serengeti sun that casts golden hues over the boundless plains.

Mara River Camp

Seated in nature’s grand amphitheater, the Mara River Camp embodies a blend of elegance, adventure, and an indelible connection to the wild, curating a sanctuary of timeless luxury amidst the untamed.

About Us

Nestled in the heart of Tanzania, Karibu Camps & Lodges offers an authentic gateway to Africa’s captivating landscapes and wildlife. Here, luxury intertwines seamlessly with nature. Embark on an authentic Safari experiences, where the essence of Tanzania enriches every moment. Karibu Camps & Lodges – Where your African journey truly begins.

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Karibu's Finer Touches: Beyond the Expected

Our Locations

Unwind in serenity and embrace the allure of the untamed with our selection of four exquisite permanent tented properties.


Culinary Expertise

Indulge in exceptional cuisines skillfully curated by our culinary artisans who also cater to special dietary needs.

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Elevate your Karibu experience with nightly campfires, hot air balloon rides and adventurous game drives.

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Our Responsibilities

Our unwavering commitment is to safeguard the people, environment, wildlife and cultural heritage.