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Welcome to Serengeti River Camp

The Great Crossing

Watch millions of Wildebeests tread across the magnificent Mara River as they migrate, facing the risk of hungry lions and hyenas pouncing on them.

Fun fact:
Serengeti comes from the Maasai word ‘Siringit’ which means ‘’Endless plains.’’
The park is home to the biggest concentration of predators in the world, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, and hyenas.

What to Watch Out For

In Your Words

Excellent location, and very welcoming and friendly staff. We were really well looked after on both nights. Francis, the was terrific and special mention to the Chef. Very spacious and comfortable rooms too. Beautiful sunset location and we even had Wildlife nearby!

Kamlesh R - United KingdomHighly recommended!

Highly recommend! All of the staff were extremely helpful and friendly. The food is great and the rooms are nice. Both the lodge and the Rooms have a nice view. One day we got back and sat on our deck enjoying the view of Giraffes, Gazelles, and Zebras all just a few hundred feet away. Overall great experience!

Eab K - United StatesLovely Camp With Great Staff, Food, & Views!

Excellent lodge nearby the Mara River. We were there to see the Migration the crossing was unbelievable! The rooms are gorgeous and the Wildebeest and Zebras we’re just outside our room during the night! I loved the new lodges with the outside showers as well! Thank you!

Michelle C - United StatesGorgeous Lodge

Witness the World’s Greatest Spectacle

3°07’32.2″S, 35°39’40.9″E

Nestled in the heart of the Northern Serengeti, Mara River Camp boasts a location second to none. Just a mere 10 minutes from the legendary Mara River, our camp offers guests an unparalleled proximity to nature’s most mesmerizing spectacles. The river itself is famed as the backdrop to the dramatic annual wildebeest migration crossings, an event that has captured the imagination of many. But it’s not just the migration that makes our location special; the rich tapestry of wildlife, from majestic lions to graceful gazelles, is a constant presence.

At Mara River Camp, the sounds of the wild beckon at your doorstep, and the vastness of the Serengeti unfolds before your very eyes. Our strategic location ensures that guests are always at the heart of the action, with minimal transit times to key viewing spots. Yet, amidst all this wilderness, the camp offers comfort, serenity, and a deep connection with nature. Whether you’re a seasoned safari-goer or a first-timer, Mara River Camp promises an experience that’s both intimate and awe-inspiring. Welcome to the rhythm of the Serengeti, welcome to Mara River Camp.


Step into opulent sanctuaries of comfort and style.



Savor the symphony of flavors & crafted libations.

Sundowner set for two by Karibu camps staff


Elevate your Safari with curated enhancements.

aerial view Mara river

Mara River

Witness the Wildebeest crossing at the legendary Mara River.

Wildebeest crossing the mara river

Photo Gallery

Wander visually through moments frozen in time.

aerial view of river camp

Our Location

Near the banks of the Mara River, witness the Wildebeest Crossing spectacle.


Karibu's Finer Touches: Beyond the Expected

Our Locations

Unwind in serenity and embrace the allure of the untamed with our selection of four exquisite permanent tented properties.


Culinary Expertise

Indulge in exceptional cuisines skillfully curated by our culinary artisans who also cater to special dietary needs.

Karibu camps guests enjoying sundowner


Elevate your Karibu experience with nightly campfires, hot air balloon rides and adventurous game drives.

Karibu camp staff at the reception

Our Responsibilities

Our unwavering commitment is to safeguard the people, environment, wildlife and cultural heritage.


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