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Welcome to Serengeti Woodlands Camp

Karibu Southern Serengeti

In the vast landscapes of the Serengeti, the southern plains hold a tale as old as time. Here, nature’s drama unfolds with the raw intensity of the Wildebeest Calving season. As if obeying a mystic call, thousands upon thousands of wildebeests gather, turning the plains into a sea of life, a rhythmic pulse echoing across the land.

Each year, this region becomes the stage for one of nature’s most poignant performances. Mothers and calves, bound by an instinctual dance, navigate the challenges and triumphs of birth in the wild. Predators and prey play out an age-old saga, each side vying for survival in the delicate balance of the Serengeti ecosystem.

In the southern expanses, the air is thick with anticipation, every moment holding the promise of wonder. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to the African wilderness, the Southern Serengeti is not just a destination, but a journey into the heart of nature’s grand theatre.

Olduvai Gorge

The Olduvai Gorge is known as the “Cradle of Mankind”. It is where the oldest archaeological discoveries were made by Richard Leakey and his family. The Leakey’s discovered the remains of the very first hominids in Olduvai Gorge in the early 20th Century. They went on to make some groundbreaking discoveries with most of them older than 2 million years ago. The fossils include that of extinct animals that roamed the area and the more recent stone age man.


Empakai Crater Walk

This is the smaller sibling of the Ngorongoro Crater. The Empakaai Crater was also formed when a volcano collapsed into a 6-kilometer-wide caldera. It is a lesser known crater but with a lot to offer. Much of it is covered by a deep alkaline lake that is 85 meters deep .The rims of the crater are home to pink flamingos, blue monkeys, water bucks, bush bucks, buffaloes, elephants and hyenas. Beyond the crater are stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Ol Doinyo Lengai.


Olmoti Crater Walk

Among the Maasai, Olmoti means cooking pot. The shallow crater is found within the Ngorongoro conservation area highlands and stands at 3080 meters above sea level.
It is where most of the Maasai herdsmen take their domestic animals for grazing alongside buffaloes, bushbucks, eland and reedbuck. You can crown your tour of the Crater by visiting a nearby waterfall (100 meter) that feeds into Lake Magadi.


Let's escape to the
Ngorongoro Crater

Trees at Serengeti National park

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